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Fanisi Online

Fanisi Online

Getting the Most out of Africa’s Youth

Solutions through collaborative effort

Constantly evolving and improving

Preparing students for the future

About Fanisi Online

Fanisi Online Limited is a provider of leading-edge applications in the areas of IT Consulting, Education, Sales Funnel and Market Entry Strategies. Fanisi has a CAPEX free education Platform that enables educational institutions seamlessly provide e-learning services to their students without heavily investing, a WIFI Connectivity Solution for restaurants and public places that help the cafe or restaurant owner monetize its wifi users for a revenue share plus many other exciting online solutions.


Fanisi Online’s High Level Strategic Focus

01. People

  • Skills for 4IR

  • Democratised Education

  • Education Platform

  • Food Sufficiency and Security


02. Technology

  • Technology Test Bed

  • High Quality simple Education content development Technology

  • Payment and Trading systems on Whatsapp,  Facebook Messenger etc

  • Block Chain Technology advantages

03. System

  • Ecosystem Interconnectedness

  • API Development

  • Trading Platform along the lines of Double Click and Facebook Auctions


04. Innovation

  • Innovation into the above three broad areas of work

  • Technology domestication in Africa

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